Tuesday June 3 2014

NRM youth boss held over Museveni candidature


JINJA- The Kaliro District NRM youth chairperson was last week arrested and held at Mbale Police Station for a night over reportedly refusing to endorse the NRM Parliamentary Caucus resolution that seeks to have President Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in the 2016 elections.

According to sources that attended the meeting held in Mbale Town last Wednesday, Mr Paul Kalikwani, who was speaking on behalf of the youth from Busoga sub-region, was arrested over his presentation.

Sources said instead of endorsing the Kyankwanzi resolution, Mr Kalikwani reportedly criticised the ruling party for leaving youth from Busoga out of vital government programmes.

The sources said Mr Kalikwani tabled a set of demands, including youth unemployment and non-fulfillment of pledges that had earlier been made to the region, which he said had to be met if Mr Museveni was to enjoy the support of youth from Busoga.

The arrest
Angered by his presentation, youth from Bugisu and Sebei sub-regions reportedly started heckling him, prompting police to intervene and whisk him to the station.

However, speaking to the media in Jinja on Friday, Mr Kalikwani, who said he was released without charge and taken to meet the President in Jinja on Thursday, accused some legislators, who he did not name, of causing his arrest because he had resisted their attempts to “doctor” the Busoga youth memorandum.