Friday May 30 2014

NRM youth faction denounces Mbabazi meetings

By Solomon Arinaitwe

A faction of the NRM youth league yesterday demanded that the party takes action against Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi if he insists on convening a delegates’ meeting in Sembabule District today without the endorsement of the national youth structures of the party.

Mr David Kabanda, the Sembabule District NRM Youth chairperson, told journalists at a press conference in Kampala that Ms Jacqueline Mbabazi, the premier’s wife, met with some Sembabule NRM youths on May 16, and agreed to convene today’s planned meeting in their area.

If today’s meeting sails through, a petition will be filed to the party’s disciplinary committee, according to Mr Kabanda.
“Of the 65 youths invited, only 45 attended led by Titus Banyabwana.They were advised to support Mbabazi for 2016.” he said.
Adding: “Our leaders must remain united if our party is to lead the country in 2016,” Mr Kabanda said.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Mr Banyabwana confirmed that he is in touch with the NRM secretary general but insisted that today’s meeting cannot be sanctioned by the party because it is organised under the auspices of the NRM Youth Think Tank-a Sembabule based youth group.

Mr Mbabazi was not available for comment yesterday, but Ms Josephine Mayanja Nkangi, the head of the PM’s press unit, challenged the youth faction opposed to the Sembabule meeting to prove that her boss earlier held clandestine meetings with youth leaders in Sembabule.

“It is documented that on May 17 the Prime Minister and his wife were not in the country. If they say he has invited them, they should bring evidence. What does the NRM constitution say is the role of a secretary general?” Ms Nkangi said.

Last month, Mr Kabanda was among other youth leaders who were suspended for insisting on convening a delegates’ conference to discuss a resolution by the party’s parliamentary caucus fronting President Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in the 2016 polls.