Sunday April 13 2014

Naads funds irregularly spent - boss

By Alfred Tumushabe

Some Naads funds are sent to unplanned activities amidst threats by donors to suspend support to the programme due to the high level of ineligible expenditure, its executive director, Dr Samuel Mugasi, has said.

He made the revelation in a speech read for him by Mr Christopher Bukenya, the manager of technical services in the Naads Secretariat, during the regional performance review in Mbarara District last week.

“The implementation of the Naads programme both at the secretariat and local government levels has experienced high levels of ineligible expenses due to procurements outside the work plans...and incurring expenditure,” Dr Mugasi said.

He said some local governments have failed to remit statutory taxes to Uganda Revenue Authority which forces the body to recover the money from the district bank accounts, including funds for Naads.

Dr Mugasi urged accounting officers to ensure timely implementation of the programmes activities.

“All accounting officers are urged to stick to timely implementation of Naads programme activities in the work and procurement plans,” he said.
Naads coordinators however, attributed the problem to late release of funds by the central government.

“Sometimes money delays which leads to delay in procurement of technologies (crops, animals...) and other activities,” Mr Henry Muganga, the Sheema District Naads coordinator, said.

The coordinators also said beneficiaries buy substandard inputs and technologies due to limited knowledge.
The policy shifted some procurement roles to community members after reports emerged that technical people were conniving with the suppliers of technologies to inflate costs.

Reports that some politicians are supplying technologies to their political allies in villages also emerged, especially in Ssembabule.