Wednesday April 23 2014

Naads money has done nothing, says Museveni


NTUNGAMO- President Museveni has said the money injected in National Agricultural and Advisory Services (Naads) has not had a positive impact as earlier envisaged.

The President was speaking to a congregation at St Mathew Cathedral Kyamate during the Easter prayers yesterday.
Mr Museveni said the large amount of money that government injects in Naads has not created impact in the fight against poverty.

“I keep wondering where Naads money go? I gave my soldiers Shs5 billion compared to Shs150 billion given to Naads. But if you see what they (soldiers) have done, Naads is doing nothing,” Mr Museveni said.

Naads was particular formed to supplement government’s efforts that sought to modernise agriculture in the country.

The President also advised farmers to stop splitting land to give to their children as it will no longer be economically viable in the future, saying the land should instead be used jointly and the proceeds shared.

Uganda, according to Mr Museveni needs projects that will increase household income as a measure of reducing poverty.“I told you about increasing household incomes during the 1996 election campaigns, but most people ignored me, but those who took the message are reaping the benefits,” Mr Museveni said.

Mr Nathan Ahimbisibwe, the South Ankole Bishop, said the diocese had developed a 25-year plan that focuses on promoting household incomes and developing alternative sources of income.