Wednesday May 24 2017

Naguru Hospitals decries congestion in their maternity ward


KAMPALA: Some mothers who deliver from Naguru General Hospital in Nakawa Division, Kampala, are forced to sleep on the floor after delivering because the beds are not enough which exposes them to various infections, doctors have complained.

Dr John Wanyama, the Head of the Maternal and Child Health department at the hospital, said although they receive 30 expectant mothers every 24 hours, the ward has only 25 beds which compromises the quality of health service delivery at the hospital’s ward.

“It interferes with the privacy of patients ;patients sleep on the floor, emergency cases take long to be worked on in theatre and hence end up with complications; mothers deliver on the floor and end up with sepsis including their newborns” Dr Wanyama said.

As such, Dr Wanyama said the hospital “Seriously needs expansion to cope up with the overwhelming number of patients. The department of obstertrics and Gynaecology needs a separate theatre near the wards to help minimize on waiting time for operation and stop unnecessary referrals- outs of patients.”

Dr Wanyama decried the poor conditions at the hospital during the hospital tour by Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu, the Minister of state for Primary Health Care at a handover ceremony of medical equipment worth Shs31.7m to the hospital by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) last week.
The equipment include; 10 Examination couches, 10 ward screens, 10 benchers for ANC unit, 12 steppers, four Notice boards, eight Sign posts, 30 Window locks, curtains and accessories for Maternity ward.
On average, the China-Uganda friendship hospital, Naguru delivers 25 babies every day, five of which are caesarean sections; while over 24,000 mothers attend ANC services at the facility, annually.
Dr Kaducu asked the health workers at the hospital to ensure that the equipment is put to proper use and serve the intended purpose.
“Service in the medical profession is a calling; a calling to save lives in the most appropriate and efficient manner. Let us endeavour to see that all patients, especially mothers receive appropriate service and privacy while giving birth.” she said.
While handing over the equipment Dr. Edson Muhwezi, the Assistant Country Representative, UNFPA, emphasized that health is a right which must be observed and upheld by all.
“Every mother has the right to privacy and access to a skilled health worker before, during and after child birth” he stressed.
Also known as China-Uganda Friendship Hospital Naguru (CUFH-N), the hospital donated by the Government of the People's Republic of China in 2012 was meant to decongest Mulago National Referral Hospital.