Tuesday June 20 2017

Nakivale refugee camp faces food shortage

Children share food at Nakivale Refugee Camp

Children share food at Nakivale Refugee Camp in Isingiro District recently. File photo 


ISINGIRO-Refugees in Nakivale Resettlement in Isingiro District are crying foul following a food crisis that has hit the camp.
The refugees depend on food given by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and harvests from land given to them to supplement food supplies.
But recently food rations by UNHCR were reduced and this has been worsened by persistent drought that has been experienced in the district.

The refugees, for example, used to get 15kgs of maize flour per individual every month but this has since been reduced to 1.5kgs.

Officials from UNHCR and the Office of the Prime minister (OPM) said there has been a food crisis across the world which has led to reduction of food rations. They advised refugees to use the little food given sparingly as they devise other means.
Mr Charles Nsenga, a refugee from DR Congo, who is the chairman of welfare council at Juru sub base camp, said food crisis is becoming a big challenge in the camp.
“Imagine 1.5kgs for an individual every month, this is for one day then what about the remaining 29 days? We used to grow our own crops but due to climate challenges, especially prolonged drought, we cannot make any harvests,” said Mr Nsenga.
Mr Henok Ochalla, the UNHCR field officer at Nakivale Resettlement Camp, said food ratios were reduced to ensure all refugees benefit.

As a mitigation measure to weather patterns, OPM and UNHCR have enrolled the refugee population in Nakivale camp to climate smart culture which include bee keeping, poultry and other related ventures to ensure food security.