Wednesday October 23 2013

Nambooze attacks doctors who ‘steal’ patients


Mukono Municipality MP has lashed at doctors working with government hospitals for turning them into “negotiating places” where they convince patients to transfer to their private clinics.

Ms Betty Nambooze Bakireke, said records she obtained from Mukono Health Centre IV indicate that the doctor who is being accused of negligence that led to the death of Florence Nakamya in labour at the weekend, had made it a habit to transfer patients to his clinic.

The doctor is accused of luring Nakamya who had gone to deliver from the health centre to his privately owned clinic at a lower fee where she died after the doctor reportedly abandoned her to watch a football match.

“Doctors have turned health centres into bargaining places with patients,” Ms Nambooze said while addressing the press in Kampala yesterday.

She added: “This is an eye opener, as Mukono Municipal council, going forward, we will not allow any doctor working in a government health facility to run a private clinic nearby to avoid reoccurrence of such a scenario.”

Ms Nambooze who was in the company of two other MPs; Stephene Baka Mugabi (Buhooli County North) and Haruna Kyeyune (Kyotera County) also lamented on how the whole of Mukono District does not have a government hospital but just a health center IV.

The incident
On October 19, Nakamya reportedly checked into the health Centre and was asked to pay Shs250,000 since a caesarean section was needed in order for her to deliver or be transferred to Mulago Regional Referral Hospital if she was able to fuel the ambulance to take her there.

But as Nakamya and family were still debating about the given options, the doctor reportedly approached them and assured them that she was capable of a normal delivery at his private clinic at a cheaper fee of Shs90,000, which they opted for.