Monday June 9 2014

Napak makes tree planting compulsory

By Steven Ariong


Authorities in Napak District have made tree planting compulsory for residents in a bid to reduce the adverse effects of soil erosion.

The district senior human resource officer, Ms Paullina Lokong, said the new policy would also task head teachers to ensure that every student admitted has three tree seedlings in the school garden.

She made the revelation during celebrations to mark the World Environment Day last week. Ms Lokong appealed to district planers to encourage people landscape their buildings and plant trees and grass.

“We shall move from door-to- door to check landlords and other families who have not planted trees in their compound,” she said.

Mr Moses Chuna Ekapolon, the assistant chief administrative officer, urged residents to avoid incessant cutting down of trees, saying this had worsened climate change in Karomaja sub-region.

“Trees stand as windbreakers. They control erosion. The adverse effect of the erosion is reduced because it would have absorbed and contained some of the water from wreaking havoc,” he said.

Mr Jimmy Tebanyang, the Ngoleriet Sub-county councillor, asked police to arrest people with trucks loaded with charcoal.