Friday June 27 2014

National Anthem to be improved to promote tourism

By Benjamin Jumbe

Kampala- Government has resolved to use music and entertainment as part of efforts to boost Uganda’s tourism industry.

Minister for Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities Maria Mutagamba said this will involve bringing on board Ugandan artistes to promote the country through their works.

Addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Wednesday, Ms Mutagamba said government is also to embark on a project to improve and modernise the National Anthem.

“This project of the National Anthem is for us Ugandans to appreciate the message in the anthem, we are not changing it but want to put the words in action, in drama, in acting, so that people associate themselves with it,” Ms Mutagamba said.

“We want someone to produce something visual so that when you sing the National Anthem, you can see yourself being part of it not just reciting a song,” she added.

She revealed that this project requires about $75,000 (Shs180m) and is to be spearheaded by renowned entertainer Alex Mukulu .

Mr Mukulu said the idea to improve the National Anthem was conceived because many Ugandans do not know it and secondly because it is not “energetic”.

“ It doesn’t energise us so we want to give it a boost whereby we shall design a standard under which anybody who sings it must not fall below and we hope that will encourage people to know more of its meaning , to know more about their country and about the future,” he said.