Wednesday October 21 2015

Nebbi PWDs demand sign language interpreters


NEBBI. Lack of sign language interpreters in Nebbi District is affecting the wellbeing of the deaf in the district.
The executive director National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda, Ms Jolly Achen, said some people violate the rights of the deaf, especially of women and children because they can’t express themselves.
While addressing local advocates and paralegals during a meeting in Nebbi on Monday, she said offices, hospitals and schools do not have sign language interpreters for the deaf.
Ms Achen said the sexual rights of women and the girl-child with special needs are violated due to communication barriers.
The chairperson Uganda National Association of the Deaf, Ms Doreen Kavuma, appealed to the district leaders to have a special district budget for training sign language teachers.
The Nebbi District chairperson, Mr Robert Okumu, said they would partner with other stakeholders to support people with disabilities in the district.
“We shall make sure the rights and values of people with disabilities, more so the women and the girl-child, are respected,” Mr Okumu said.
He added: “Having sign language interpreters is paramount so that they do not miss out on service delivery and in social interaction.”
At Nebbi Cathedral, the deaf have sign language interpreters during first Mass every Sunday.