Monday July 21 2014

Nsenga’s trial: Court visits scene of crime


By Ivan Okuda

Justice Duncan Gaswaga of the High Court in Kampala is today set to visit Jacqueline Nsenga Uwera’s home in Bugolobi Kampala where she is said to have killed her husband by running over him with a car.

The sole purpose of Justice Gaswaga's visit is to familiarize himself with the scene of crime and to establish the facts presented before him by several prosecution witnesses and experts who have been pinning the accused (Ms Uwera) before him for the last two weeks.

This comes after Justice Gaswaga in his ruling on Friday found Ms Uwera with a case to answer and asked her start her defense on Monday.
The trial has seen a total of 12 prosecution witnesses, including the deceased’s father Mr Donat Kananura, brothers and other experts give their evidence.

Other witnesses included; Dr. Moses Byaruhanga, a commissioner of Police, the late Nsenga’s brothers; Innocent Bisangwa, Moses Kananura and Joseph Kananura, scene of crime investigative officer, an expert from Makerere University Prof Jackson Mwakabi among others.

Uwera is accused of killing her husband, Juvenal Nsenga, when she ran over him with a car at their residence in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb. She has since denied the charges.