Friday February 26 2016

Nwoya voters beat election supervisor

A Police officer displays the ballot boxes at Koch Goma Police Post.

A Police officer displays the ballot boxes at Koch Goma Police Post. Right is the district returning officer, Ms Jessica Adong Ocen. Photo by Denis Omony 


NWOYA- Angry voters at Goro parish in Lii Sub-county, Nwoya District on Wednesday roughed up the sub-county election supervisor.
The voters accused Mr Simon Komakech of trying to rig votes during the district chairpersons’ elections.
Trouble began when Mr Komakech was sighted by some voters carrying transparent ballot boxes out of the polling station yet voting had not yet ended.

The angry voters then followed Mr Komakech demanding to know where he was taking the ballot boxes before descending on him and beating him up.

He was later handed over to officers at Koch Goma Police Station.

ASP John Loum, a police officer who was coordinating the election exercise at Koch Goma Sub-county, refuted claims that Mr Komakech was carrying the ballot boxes with the aim of rigging the election.

Mr Loum explained that Mr Komakech was ordered to take excess ballot boxes to the sub-county offices.

Nwoya District returning officer, Ms Jessica Adong Ocen, also defended Mr Komakech, saying the excess ballot boxes were supposed to be delivered at Lutuk polling station within the same parish where ballot boxes were fewer.