Obongi NRM supporters ask for electricity

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Posted  Friday, May 2   2014 at  12:22


NRM party supporters of Obongi County in Moyo District have called on President Museveni to give them district status, electricity and pipe water.

Speaking during the consultative meeting at Obongi Town Primary School, Mr Kasim Kayile, a resident of Town Central village in Gimara Sub-county, said power from the national grid should be extended to Obongi.

“If the President wants to give us a district status let it be before the 2016 general elections. As for connecting us to power, it is a right and not a privilege,” he said.

In Arua, as NRM MPs moved to popularise President Museveni in their constituencies, a section of the party’s faithful expressed mixed reactions about the idea.

Ms Jean Ayikoru, a councillor representing people with disabilities said it would be a good idea to front a candidate against the President.
Traders who are still demanding for their money from South Sudan also called on the President to put their demands to his counterpart.

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