Friday June 6 2014

Obongi parents build school, appeal for help



In an effort to reduce the number of school dropouts, more than 2,000 residents in Aliba Sub-county, Moyo District, have established a primary school in the area.

According to the parents, the nearest primary school in which they can take their children is seven kilometers away from the parish.
The school, Drabijo Primary School has so far enrolled 333 pupils in Primary One to Five.
Five teachers who are paid Shs60,000 per term have been employed and are being paid by the parents.

Parents started with the construction of three grass-thatched classrooms and a nearby hut has been turned into staff quarters.
Mr Musa Mansa, a parent who has three children in the school, said since they had started the initiative, government should come in to assist.

Ms Kadija Mobile, another parent, said the grass-thatched structures are unsafe for pupils.

The difficult
According to parents, the school doesn’t function normally especially during rainy days because pupils are put in one classroom that does not leak.

Mr Mohamad Safi, the head teacher, said: “We lack teaching materials, desks and office furniture and the little salary for my staff also delays.”

Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo, the Obongi County MP, said: “It is unfair for our children to study in such an environment. This explains how the government has failed to provide for its citizens.”