Officials blame Illiteracy for slow ID registration in Karamoja region

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By Steven Ariong

Posted  Monday, April 21   2014 at  01:00

The registration of citizens in preparation for national identity cards in Karamoja has been hampered by high illiteracy rate in the sub region, Daily Monitor can reveal.

According to officials carrying out the exercise, they do not only document the citizen’s data but also fill registration forms because some citizens don’t know how to read and write.

Mr Linos Okori Lima, the regional election officer and also the supervisor of the national ID project in Karamoja said they would have accomplished alot had the locals known how to read and write.

“We spend alot of time filling their forms and then transferring the data to the computer,” Mr Okori said. The exercise started on Monday, last week.
He also blamed lack of birth and marriage certificates which, he said, most Karimojong do not have. The project targets about 700,000 citizens out of 1.3 million in Karamoja. Mr Okori warned the LC1 chairpersons and those hired to carry out registration exercise against soliciting money from illiterate citizens in order to fill their forms.

Challenges aside, the public has embraced the project with overwhelming turn up at the registration centres.

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