One dead, 3 admitted after taking poison in local brew

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By Malik Fahad Jjingo

Posted  Thursday, March 6   2014 at  02:00

In Summary

A worker at a drinking joint who died poisoned the alcohol.


One person died and three others escaped death in Rakai District after they took poisoned local brew.
The incident occurred at Kyampagi village in Kasaali Sub-county when a casual labourer at a drinking joint reportedly poured poison in the brew.
The owner of the joint, Mr Francis Singoma, said the suspect was seen by a minor at his home entering a room where the alcohol was kept with a polythene bag which contained poison he allegedly poured into the liquor.

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Mr Singoma said when the minor reported the matter, they did not believe him but instead took the alcohol to the bar for sale.
He added that they realised that it was poison after three people who had drank the liquor, including his wife Ms Jane Nasimbwa, were taken to Kalisizo Hospital after developing stomach complications.
The bar owner said they found the suspect only identified as John, dead in his house after suspected poisoning.

Ms Cissy Namuyiga, the officer in charge of Luti Police Post, said the suspect’s body was taken for a postmortem.
The three affected people are still admitted at the hospital as investigations into the matter continue.

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