Monday April 21 2014

Opposition, civil society take electoral reforms campaign to Bunyoro

By Monitor team

As NRM law makers were traversing their constituencies drumming up support for President Museveni, opposition leaders and civil society activists were also in Bunyoro mobilising voters to support electoral reforms so as to dislodge the President peacefully.

Activist Bishop Zac Niringiye said Ugandans should pray for the President to repent and accept to peacefully hand over power to another leader.
He said the biased and partial Electoral Commission that is appointed by the President who also vies for presidency cannot offer Ugandans a free and fair election.

Former Ethics minister Miria Matembe told a rally at Hoima Booma grounds that voters need to stand up and reject MPs who are moving around with sacks of money offered to them by NRM to popularise the President’s wish to seek another term in 2016.

The campaign for Free and Fair Elections Now was launched by DP president Norbert Mao in Masindi and Hoima districts at rallies attended by FDC’s Dr Kizza Besigye and Gen Mugisha Muntu.