Sunday February 23 2014

Opposition launch campaign for electoral reforms


Mbarara- Leaders of opposition parties and civil society organisations have launched a campaign to rally citizens to demand electoral reforms to guarantee free and fair elections come 2016.

The launch of the campaign took place at the Catholic Social Centre in Mbarara Town. The function was attended by people from across the political and social spectrum.
Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party President Olara Otunnu said once people wake up and push for the reforms, the government will yield to their demands.

Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao compared Mr Museveni to a player and a referee in a match. He said an umpire, Mr Museveni is able to manipulate the political game in his favour.

Bishop Emeritus Zac Niringiye said if Ugandans join hands, electoral reforms will be achieved.

FDC vice president for Western region, Mr Amanya Mushega, who represented the party president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, said Ugandans shouldn’t be taken back to the dark past.

Mbarara Resident District Commissioner Nickson Kabuye said a poor electoral process affects everyone irrespective of the party. He commended the civil society for checking the government but urged political parties to first initiate such electoral reforms internally before pushing them onto the government.