Monday May 5 2014

Opposition take poll reforms drive to Mbale

Dr Kizza Besigye addresses Mbale residents at

Dr Kizza Besigye addresses Mbale residents at Mbale Secondary School at the weekend. PHOTO BYMudangha Kolyangha 

By Mudangha Kolyangha

Opposition leaders have called upon Bugisu sub-region residents to rally behind their call for electoral reforms, saying it is a prerequisite for free and fair general elections in 2016.

Addressing a rally at Mbale Secondary School playground at the weekend, the former Forum for Democratic Change party president, Dr Kizza Besigye, said: “We call upon you to unite and join us in this noble cause if we are to succeed in dislodging President Museveni.

There is no way the opposition shall ever win these elections under this current Election Commission full of NRM’s cadres.”
Dr Besigye accused President Museveni of being dictatorial and using the security agencies to oppress the masses.

Dr Besigye, a former physician of Mr Museveni during the Bush War that brought Mr Museveni to power in 1986, said: “This man, from school, swiftly went to the bush, forcing his way to capture power in 1986 by use of guns.

All times, President Museveni’s mind has not changed from the use of guns. This is his style of rule that has been imposed on Ugandans in order to keep him in power.”

However, Mr Tamale Mirundi, the President’s press secretary, said the President had established independent institutions.
“President Museveni established an independent Electoral Commission vetted by Parliament; an independent Judiciary that has granted him (Besigye) bail even on treasonable charges. Did Amin (former president) have a vibrant Parliament?” Mr Mirundi asked.

The Democratic Party president, Mr Norbert Mao, urged Mbale residents to rally behind the opposition to remove President Museveni from power.
“President Museveni has run short of ideas to continue leading this country.

He is now a bad driver who is likely to plunge the bus into water and this is witnessed by his failure to fight corruption as billions of money is being squandered with impunity,” Mr Mao said.