Monday July 17 2017

Otafiire tells Ugandans to think beyond tribes

Gen. Kahinda Otafiire

Gen. Kahinda Otafiire  

By Joseph Omollo

Tororo- The minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs Gen. Kahinda Otafiire has said Uganda will only score its goal of having a middle income population if citizens start thinking beyond individualism.
He said Ugandans should concentrate on fighting for space in the global market and coming up with ideas that can enable their country to be globally recognised for fronting new ideas that transform society.

‘’I am so annoyed with most Ugandans who are still busy talking about tribe and fighting for colonial boundaries. In this 21 century, I had expected Ugandans to be competing in coming up with ideas that would put Uganda at the helm of the world but not being known for eating raw rats and threatening to become cannibals over a mere boundary,’’ Gen. Otafiire said.
The minister was on Saturday officiating at the launch of ‘’Sowing the Mustard Seed booklet at Rock High School in Tororo District.

He said while people in other countries are busy going to the moon and making discoveries on new planets, Ugandans are busy opposing the debate on age limit not knowing that performance is not based on age but the knowledge to lead and offer services.
Gen. Otafiire castigated people opposing the proposed amendment of the presidential age limit, saying the amendment will not only favour the current government but any government that Ugandans might vote to power.

He told students to study of the book and suggest possible changes that they think could help Uganda to move to a certain level in terms of social and economic development.
He said young people are the engine of transformation and whatever they do would count on their generation.

Butaleja District woman Member of Parliament, Ms Milly Mugenyi asked students to become ambassadors of change in their respective areas.
She said their level of understanding will be determined by the change they will influence in society.