Wednesday July 30 2014

Otafiire cautioned over party comparison remarks


Opposition politicians have described as “ridiculous, laughable and contemptuous” the last Friday comparison made by Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Kahinda Otafiire, that NRM and Opposition parties are similar since they are all driven by greed.
Former FDC president Kizza Besigye, UPC vice president Joseph Bossa and Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze said the comparison should be disregarded by Ugandans and cautioned Gen Otafiire to only speak for NRM.

While addressing student leaders from 25 Ugandan universities at Makerere University on Friday last week, Minister Otafiire said elites in the different parties are in the political contest trying to lure the poor peasants to support them on sectarian basis of tribe and religion.

Gen Otafiire said, “Economic interests are not Catholic or Anglican or Muslim. A rich Acholi, Muganda, Lugbara or Etesot belongs to the same tribe just like a poor Munyankore, Acholi, Langi or Musoga.”
Dr Besigye, however said on Tuesday that greedy people cannot be in opposition “because there is nothing to eat” and the greedy ones who have tried to be in the opposition have ended up in the NRM.

“It is a ridiculous thing to say we are the same. Opposition has never been in power and what is there to eat?” Greedy people are in NRM and those who tried being in opposition ended up in NRM,” Dr Besigye, a three time presidential contestant and former personal doctor to President Yoweri Museveni said.

Dr Besigye said Gen Otafiire and the like minded Ugandans ought to know the contribution made by the opposition in forcing the government to act according to the will and interest of the people.

“The reason why there is opposition is because we oppose bad policies of the government. Remember we forced government to scrap off Graduated Tax and Mr Museveni copied Student Loan Scheme from my 2011 manifesto,” Dr Besigye said.

Mr Bossa said, “It is a laughable statement. Why should Otafiire speak for us in the opposition? UPC was established for purpose of transforming this country from poverty, improving health care and education for the poor people.”

Ms Nambooze said, “When I was in the media, I had stopped quoting Otafiire.His remarks should not bother Ugandans.”