Thursday July 17 2014

Over 300 civil servants to miss July pay

By Dan Wandera

Over 300 Civil servants including politicians and members on the District Statutory bodies in Luweero District will not get their salaries for the month of July due to delayed submission of staff lists for the affected institutions to District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).
In a circular dated July 15th and issued by the CAO, Mr George Eustus Gakwandi to heads of Departments, school heads and copied to the PS, Ministry of Finance, the Accountant General, District LC5 Chairperson Luweero, among others, the staff of Bombo Army Secondary School, Mazzi SS, Bombo ss, LCIII Chairpersons, Members of the District Council, District Service Commission will miss the July salary because signed staff lists from the affected institutions were never submitted in time to the office of the CAO in line with the recently introduced pay roll management system by Government.
"The respective managers of the affected institutions did not submit the signed staff lists which are supposed to be in my office by the 10th day of the month. This is a new pay roll on management system where all signed staff lists are supposed to have been submitted to the Ministry of finance by the 15th day of every month. Government will only release salaries for the staff on the signed lists",Mr Gakwandi said.

Staff from the Sub-counties of Kalagala, Luweero and Kikyusa will also not get the July salary while the respective Senior Assistant Secretaries in charge of the affected Sub-counties have been given seven days to file in their defence as to why they should not face disciplinary action for failure to discharge assigned duties.
The new pay roll management system according to Mr Gakwandi will help check inefficiency, absenteeism and ghost workers in the public service. It is also the duty of all employees to ensure that they ask their respective managers to have their names signed on the staff list so that they do not miss their salary.
"It is my duty as the CAO to ensure that these lazy managers who fail to submit the signed staff lists are disciplined. We do not want our staff to get demoralized because of a single individual who has failed to do his work. This is why we have resolved to take disciplinary action for all managers who fail to give satisfying reasons as to why they failed to submit the staff lists",Mr Gakwandi added.