Wednesday June 25 2014

Parents, son jailed for murder

By Juliet kigongo


The High Court in Kampala on Tuesday sentenced and imprisoned parents and their son for killing a seven-year-old boy, Edrisa Ssozi in October 2011.
The trial judge, Elizabeth Alividza sentenced the parents Mr Mugerwa Frank and Ms Winnie Mugerwa to 26 months of being accessories to the said murder while their 21- year-old son, Anthony Ssali was given 50years.
Ssali’s parents were arrested and charged in court for refusing to disclose the whereabouts of Ssali when police had gone to arrest him over the said murder.
“I considered the fact that you are of advanced age of above 60years, medical situation and have developed a remorseful mood at the last moment. It would be good for you if you were remorseful at the beginning.” Justice Alividza said.
While passing the sentence to the convicted family that stays in Kibibi B village Makidye division in Wakiso, the judge said the case was one of those rear ones and the way the victim was killed called for a stringent punishment like a death penalty.
According to the evidence adduced in court by eight witnesses, Ssali using a panga slaughtered Ssozi and stuffed his body in a yellow polythene bag before dumping it in his neighbour’s garden where it was recovered by police.
“I have used my discretion to pass the judgment, especially due to your state of mind and the fact that you are now remorseful. I will give you 50 years in prison since you are not fit to be in the society,” Justice Alividza said, adding that “You should undergo a mental medication and doctors should confirm to court weather your fit to be in the society.”
Justice Alividza also urged the family of the deceased and the entire community to forgive the convicts, saying that it was the only way they could move on.
Before the sentenced was passed, the parents of the deceased had asked court to give Ssali a life imprisonment and 10years imprisonment to his parents since they had never apologized to them ever the death of their son.
Murder carries a maximum sentence of death whereas being accessories carries seven years imprisonment.