Sunday May 25 2014

Parliament director summoned by IGG

By Yasiin Mugerwa

The Inspectorate of Government has issued summons for Mr Samuel Wanyaka, the director of budget at Parliament, who is under investigation for alleged misuse of funds and abuse of office.

The IGG spokesperson, Ms Ali Munira, yesterday told the Daily Monitor that their officials, who have been looking for Mr Wanyaka since Tuesday, have failed to locate him both at Parliament and his residence in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb.

“We have been looking for him (Wanyaka) since Tuesday but we cannot find him,” Ms Munira said. “It’s not true that we issued an arrest warrant, we just want to give him the summons requiring him to appear before the IGG on Monday (today) without fail.”

Whereas officials at the Inspectorate of Government think Mr Wanyaka is on the run having gotten wind of the summons before they were delivered, Parliament’s spokesperson Hellen Kawesa disputed the claims.

When the Daily Monitor tried to call Mr Wanyaka yesterday, his known mobile phone was switched off. IGG officials say attempts to locate him through his driver, Mr Chris Abala, have also bore no fruit.

The inspectorate in January received complaints from a whistleblower that Mr Wanyaka was abusing his office and was corrupt. At that time, Mr Wanyaka said the allegations were false and he accused “some people” at Parliament of witch-hunting him.

The IGG then directed the Clerk to Parliament, Ms Jane Kibirige, to suspend Mr Wanyaka, an order that was first ignored. After the IGG, Ms Irene Mulyagonja, threatened to prosecute the clerk for ignoring her directives, the Parliamentary Commission sent Mr Wanyaka on leave to pave way for investigations into the allegations.

However, the Daily Monitor has seen a May 16 memo to Ms Kibirige, in which Mr Wanyaka says he has resumed duty. It reads: “This is to inform you that I have resumed my duties today following my leave which ended on May 16.”