Participating in census is God’s command - Ubos

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By Farahani Mukisa

Posted  Tuesday, August 19   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

The exercise, according to Mr Ben Mungyereza, the Ubos boss, is also rooted in the Quran teachings to help people be effectively planned for.

Kampala- The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos)executive director has urged all Ugandans to take part in the population census, saying it is a biblical decree that should be obeyed and respected.

Speaking at a media engagement at City Hall yesterday, Mr Ben Mungyereza said in the book of Numbers, Chapter One, God instructed Moses to count the people of Israel to know their numbers so that he can effectively plan for them.

“The Lord told Moses to take a census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families, listing every man by name, one by one and these were to be counted according to their divisions,” Mr Mungyereza said.

“So when any Ugandan fails to be counted, they will be acting against the word of God,” he added.
Mr Mungyereza also said the Quran emphasises census as a planning strategy.

“We have some generous men who have different families in each division. You find one man with a family in Makindye, Kawempe, another in Nakawa and Central divisions. So, how do you plan for them without having to know the number each family you have in each division?” he asked.

“So if you don’t count you are indirectly making it hard for your government to deliver better services and have a better plan for you,” the Ubos chief added.

Mr Mungyereza said Kampala Capital City Authority will be given at least Shs3 billion to cater for its special status as a semi-autonomous local government, where each division will be treated as a district during the census.

The government last conducted a census in 2002.

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