Wednesday January 11 2017

Passengers stranded as police impound buses plying eastern route

Passengers stranded after the YY coaches they

Passengers stranded after the YY coaches they were travelling in were impounded by police in Jinja. PHOTO BY MOSES OKEYA 


JINJA – Passengers have been left stranded following an operation in which police in Jinja are impounding commercial vehicles, especially buses that are not fitted with the computerized route chart.
A route chart details movement of the vehicle. It shows the estimated take offs and the expected time of arrival in the anticipated destinations.

The move was initiated by the Transport Licensing Board in a bid to contain road carnage in the country.
Among the first victims are passengers of the YY Coaches.
Police on Wednesday afternoon impounded five of YY Coaches at a check point it stationed at Amber Court in Jinja town.
According to police, the buses didn’t have a computerised route chart, a requirement that has since become part and parcel of a commercial vehicle such as buses.

The Officer in Charge of Traffic in Jinja District, Mr Francis Onen, said: “Transport licensing Board issued the regulation to commercial passenger buses asking them to meet this requirement or else there will be consequences.”
He continued: “Our work is to ensure that that regulation is complied with. If the bus does not have that requirement whoever is in charge of the bus will arrested and the vehicle impounded that is what we are doing now. This enforcement started in December last year.”

“This operation is here for a long time. Until the bus companies comply, we are not going anywhere,” Mr Onen said.
The enforcement has however left some passengers not only stranded but counting losses. One such passenger is Mr Alex Wafirira. The vehicle he was travelling in was impounded half way his journey.
In the same predicament is Mr Francis Odere who was travelling from Kampala to Bukedea. He said: “After paying Shs18,000 for the bus ticket, the least I expected was to reach home early and not getting stranded along the way.”
Some of the registration number of the impounded vehicles:
• UAS 913Y,
• UAX 7195F,
• UAX 852F
• UAG 908T.