Friday January 10 2014

Pastor Kiwedde gets three more years in jail

Pastor Kiwedde.

Pastor Kiwedde. Photo by Issa Aliga  

By Malik Fahad Jjingo

Rakai- Pastor William Muwangunzi, more commonly known as Kiwedde, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for attempting to escape from prison.

Masaka Grade One Magistrate Susan Awiti presided over the case in which the pastor was accused of trying to escape from lawful custody and of malicious damage. The conviction came at a time when the pastor is serving a 23-month-term in prison for impersonation.

According to prosecution led by Miriam Atike, Pastor Muwanguzi, who was not represented by a lawyer, tried to escape from Kalisizo Government Prison in Rakai District where he had been remanded on charges of impersonation. It is alleged that he tried to make a hole in the prison wall for his escape.

Ms Atike told court that Kiwedde was a habitual offender and that he is on the police’s wanted list in Kampala.

The magistrate said prosecution had presented enough evidence to pin Kiwedde before ruling that he was to serve three years in jail. She said one year will be for malicious damage and two years will be for attempting to escape from custody.