Friday February 1 2013

Patient stranded at Iganga hospital

By Yazid Yolisigira

Iganga Hospital is stuck with a female patient, who was admitted to the facility three weeks ago.

She was brought to the hospital alongside six travellers who sustained injuries in an accident, which claimed a life.
Relatives of the woman, suspected to be in her early 20s, have never shown up to offer assistance.

Although she regained consciousness while at the hospital and is receiving treatment for a broken arm, she has not been able to properly communicate with medical workers.

She has only been uttering the names Beatrice Nafuna, but medical workers are not sure whether those are her names or the names of her relatives.
The in-charge of Female Ward, Sr Norah Wanyana said the patient also developed a urinary problem and cannot hold urine.

The patient spends most of the day lying on an old mattress, covering herself with a torn blanket.

Her bed has been placed close to the entrance of the ward so that she does not soil the whole room. She gets meals from the hospital and Samaritans.

Iganga hospital administrator Julius Kabusere has appealed to whoever knows her to report to the hospital.