Friday March 7 2014

Pentecostal church faces closure over noise pollution

By Martins E. Ssekweyama

Masaka Municipality authorities have threatened to close a church over noise pollution.
Prayer Palace Christian Centre, a Pentecostal church located at Ssese corner building on Elgin Street, has come under criticism from authorities over emitting loud noise that makes people renting in the nearby places fail to sleep during the night.

Mr Joseph Kimbowa, the town clerk, said he has received complaints from the public against the born-again church for reportedly emitting a lot of noise as they worship at night.

“People renting near born-again churches (say) cannot sleep at night because of the noise emitted from the church located in the town centre’’ Mr Kimbowa said. “Besides, the sanitation of the church is also below standard.”
He said all the worshipers use a single toilet stance, saying that this also compromises the health of the followers.

However, Pastor Paul Sserunjogi who owns the church, accused the municipal authorities of becoming bullies of the born gain faith in the area. Pastor Sserunjogi argued that closing the church infringes on their right and choice of worship.

what the law says
The national environment noise standards say no person shall emit noise if its is clearly audible at a point of reception or in the neighbourhood for more than two minutes or is within the prohibited time in a residential area or Noise Control Zone as determined by the local council.