Thursday March 13 2014

People living with HIV want to be treated by ‘positive’ doctors


People living with HIV in Ntoroko District have asked the authorities to consider using HIV-positive doctors to treat patients.

Ms Mary Sythamira, a peer educator with Ride Africa at Karugutu Town Council, said some of the health workers who are not living with HIV allegedly tend not to pay attention to HIV/Aids patients who come for counseling and guidance.

“Some of the health workers discriminate patients who come for ARVs especially those who are in a critical condition,” she said.

This was expressed on Wednesday at a meeting of peer educators in Ntoroko organised by Ride Africa, an NGO operating in the Rwenzori sub-region.
Ms Sythamira said some NGOs have outreach programmes managed by staffs that are not fully trained to handle HIV positive persons, which negatively impact patients.

According to Ms Sythamira, Ntoroko has NGOs run by people living with HIV such as Karugutu Association of People Living with HIV but the few cannot sufficiently cover district. According to available data the entire district currently has an HIV prevalence of 6 per cent.