Police arrest 86 at Arua Park

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Posted  Tuesday, May 6   2014 at  20:22

Police have arrested 86 people at Arua Park, Kampala, some of whom are suspected to be linked to terrorists.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Mr Patrick Onyango, said the exercise on Monday night was a clean-up of the city after the Kenya terror attacks that claimed 20 lives and injured 50 people recently.

“We got intelligence information of wrong elements linked to Nairobi attacks hanging around Arua Park. As usual, we [police] do not take chances. We swung into action rounding-up 86 suspects,” he told Daily Monitor on Tuesday.

Some of the suspects were opium smokers and other petty offenders, Onyango said, adding, “Their files are ready and they will appear in court any time.”

Security agencies have stepped up vigilance after the Kenya attacks. Buses from Kenya to Uganda will undergo vigorous checks and fuel tankers will escorted by police.

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