Police ban waragi after death of four

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Posted  Monday, June 9   2014 at  01:00


Kabale District security committee has banned distillation and sale of crude gin (locally known as waragi or enguli) following the death of four people.

The four residents of Mwendo parish in Kitumba Sub-county died last month after taking suspected adulterated crude waragi.
The Kigezi regional police commander, Ms Olivia Wawire, issued the ban last Friday during a meeting with crude waragi dealers at the district headquarters.

Ms Wawire advised them [dealers and brewers] to ensure that they are given operating licences authorising their activities. The chairperson of Mwendo parish, Mr James Tumwine, confirmed the death.

The Kabale District health officer, Dr Patrick Tusiime, said he had received reports of people who had died after taking crude gin in the parishes of Nyamweru and Kinyamali.

In 2010, dozens of people died in Kabale District and others lost their sight after consuming adulterated crude gin, which was later tested and found to be 300 times stronger than the required alcoholic content.

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