Tuesday April 15 2014

Police hit out at police chief implicated in bribery


KAMPALA- Police has said Mr Muhammad Kirumira the Nassana, police chief, implicated in a bribery scandal is free to apply to leave the Force but investigations against him will not be dropped.
The police’s response follows Assistant Inspector of Police Kirumira’s outburst, after his release on bond at Nsambya Police Barracks, that he will quit the force.
Mr Kirumira claims he is being framed.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Patrick Onyango said Mr Kirumira, like any other officer who has worked for more than two years in the force, knows the procedure in such situations.

“If he is tired of police, he should send his resignation to the Inspector General of Police, who will determine whether to allow him to retire or not,” he said.

Mr Kirumira was arrested on Friday on allegations of extortion after he allegedly asked a suspect to pay him Shs3 million.

He claims his arrest and detention was part of a ploy by colleagues who are working with criminals to bring him down.
After his release from police, he posted on his Facebook page thus: “Thanks all who helped me to break the chain of tyrants. The next thing you will hear is my resignation.”

Investigations to continue
Mr Onyango pointed out that Mr Kirumira’s wishes will not inhibit the Police Professional Standard Unit from investigating accusations against him.

It is alleged Mr Kirumira arrested suspects from who he demanded Shs3 million. The suspects allegedly paid Shs2.5 million and promised to pay the balance later.

Mr Kirumira allegedly telephoned the suspects to demanded for the balance but he was informed that they had only Shs200,000, which he ordered that it be sent through his mobile phone.

While Mr Onyango told Daily Monitor the suspects recorded Mr Kirumira, he seemed to suggest he was being framed and demanded the intervention of the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura.