Police name change not helpful, says ex-minister

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By Hudson Apunyo

Posted  Sunday, April 13   2014 at  19:21

Former Lands minister Daniel Omara Atubo has said the proposal to change the name of the Uganda Police Force will not make any difference as long as the police’s image remains tainted.

This comes after Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura last week said the Uganda Police Force is seeking to change its name to the Uganda National Police.

Gen Kayihura said the change would capture the essence of the police as a people’s institution, working with them to fight crime.
But Mr Atubo said changing the name of the Force without addressing its bad image as shown from the annual human rights reports will not achieve anything.

“My view is that changing a name does not bring much change to something. If you change the name of a leopard to a sheep, will you say the leopard is now a sheep?” Mr Atubo said during a call-in programme on Radio Unity at the weekend.

He also asked the Force’s leadership to concentrate on professionalism through training.

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