Thursday May 1 2014

Police stole our cows - Kategaya widow


Ntoroko-Ms Diana Kategaya, a widow of former deputy premier Eriya Kategaya has accused police of stealing 32 cows from the family farm in Lyantonde District.

Ms Kategaya on Tuesday said following family members’ disagreements on the management of the deceased’s estates and alleged stealing and sale of some of the property in Nsiika, Lyantonde District, police ordered all the parties out of the estate and property.

Ms Kategaya said she was last week shocked to learn that 32 cows had been taken away from the farm.

“In February we (Diana Kategaya and Joan Kategaya, widows of late Kategaya) were ordered by police off of this land and police said they will take charge until our disagreement of its management is resolved, it has not been resolved yet; but people came on Easter Monday and loaded 32 cows from the farm,” said Ms Kategaya.

She said police could have connived with some family members to steal the cows.
District police commander Lyantonde Thomas Eyaku, when contacted, said: “The matter is under investigation”, without adding details.

Lyantonde Resident District Commissioner Ssalongo Tuguragara Matojo said the land and property are in the hands of different security agencies, including police and warned that if it is true that the cows were stolen, those guarding the place will be held responsible.

Lyantonde OC CID Ruth Nkamusiima said they are looking for the farm manager to help with investigations.

On February 17, 38 cows were reported stolen from the farm intercepted by police in Kampala.