Thursday April 24 2014

Police storm Uneb to protect Bukenya

By PAUL TAJUBA & Herbert Zziwa

Drama ensued yesterday at the Uganda National Examinations Board offices in Kampala as police led by the commissioner for operations Mr Grace Turyagumanawe, went to protect its embattled executive secretary, Mr Mathew Bukenya.

Education minister, Jessica Alupo told Daily Monitor she had okayed the deployment of police after Mr Turyagumanawe had briefed her that there was intelligence information that “some unknown people wanted to attack Mr Bukenya”.

“I spoke to Grace (Turyagumanawe,) in the morning. As police, they are always required to maintain peace but there is no cause for alarm,” Ms Alupo said declining to share who wanted to harm Mr Bukenya.

The morning events climaxes Uneb chairperson, Fagil Mandy’s last week demand, that Mr Bukenya hands over office to the head of finance and administration on April 17.

However, Mr Bukenya has not handed over office and Ms Alupo said the President is working around expeditiously to find a solution.
Police yesterday barred journalists from accessing Uneb premises. Efforts to speak to Mr Turyagumanawe were futile as his aides said he was in a meeting. Mr Mandy declined to comment on the matter while Mr Bukenya said he was in a ‘security’ meeting and couldn’t speak.

Efforts by the current Uneb Board to replace Mr Bukenya, 75, have proved futile after IGG Irene Mulyagonja cancelled the recruitment exercise for his replacement.

Mr John Bosco Ntangaare, the head of examinations at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Uganda had won the interviews.