Policeman arrested for giving out killer gun

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Posted  Sunday, February 9   2014 at  02:00

Ntungamo .

A police officer in Ntungamo District has been arrested for allegedly giving out a gun from a police post he manned to a local defence unit personnel, who later reportedly used it to kill a person he quarreled with during a football match.

AIP Josia Kasimba, the in charge Kitwe Police Post, allegedly gave a gun to Mr Alex Tumusingize, who reportedly used it to shoot Fredrick Ayinebyona on Monday evening.

How it started
Eye witnesses said the two quarrelled while watching a match between Chelsea and Manchester City on Monday evening in a video hall in Kitwe Town. Chelsea beat Manchester City by 1-0.
Mr Tumusingize is said to have threatened to shoot Ayinebyoona before he left the video hall.

Ntungamo District Police Commander Baker Kawonawo confirmed the incident.
He said police had arrested Mr Kasimba while Mr Tumusingize was on the run.
The LDU force was disbanded in 2005 and where the personnel are still active because of shortage of police manpower, they are not allowed to carry guns.
Mr Kawonawo said they are investigating how the LDU came to access a police gun.

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