Poor schools performance blamed on thematic curriculum

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Posted  Tuesday, December 17   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

A recent report has shown that majority of pupils in government-aided primary schools cannot read English or count simple mathematics


Kampala- A new study has put the new primary schools curriculum on spot after it showed that majority of the pupils cannot read or count simple arithmetic.

In the third Uwezo Uganda annual report released last week, it was shown that 97 per cent of pupils from government-aided schools cannot read a text in English language of Primary Two level while 90 per cent cannot do P2 level division.
Uwezo, is an affiliate think-tank of Twaweza, a citizen-centred initiative.

Reacting to the findings, Mr Gabriel Obbo Katandi, the coordinator for Upper Primary, National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) acknowledged that the thematic curriculum introduced eight years back should be producing positive results by now.

Availability of facilities
However, he said that for a curriculum to succeed, there are various issues to consider including availability of teachers, their attitude and the presence of textbooks. “When you do a curriculum review, you don’t expect results immediately. There must be teachers who understand the curriculum, books, support supervision of the teachers, the attitude towards the curriculum should also change for the better,” Mr Katandi said.