Thursday June 13 2013

President Museveni speaks after the budget presentation

EAT 5:28 The Egyptians say that there is a threat of building dams on the Nile. But the lack of electricity is leading people to cut trees for energy.

In Uganda 40 billion cubic metres per annum is destroyed for firewood. We therefore, need more power dams.

The threat to the Nile is lack of electricity. People should shift from agriculture to industry and services in a proper manner. This is what I have told the Egyptians.

No Africans want to hurt Egypt. However, Egypt cannot continue to hurt countries in the Sub-Sahara Africa that want to utilize the Nile to extend power to their people.

EAT 5:23 Where donors come in to fund projects like roads, they are welcome and we thank them. However, roads like Mukono-Kyetume-Katosi-Nyenga, Mubende-Kakumiro-Kagadi, Sembabule-Villa Maria, etc will be funded by Uganda government money in the next financial year. Roads whose works have either been completed or ongoing include Kampala-Masaka, Busega-Muduuma-Mityana, Malaba-Bugiri, Mbale-Soroti, Jinja-Kamuli and other. This is the first time since independence that such projects have been funded by the government of Uganda.

EAT 5:14 The government will fund more than 80 per cent of the budget. The outsiders will fund only 18 percent of budget.

Surely, many people in the world know that the NRM is in the category of its own when it comes to fighting criminality and corruption.

When I look around, some of the people here were old enough to have fought criminality, but they did not do so.

We are now fighting bribery, nepotism and misused of office. The corruption in the ministries of public service, health and the office of the prime minister were detected by NRM sympathisers and police.  The NRM knows what to do and how to do it.

Therefore, those partners who cut aid because we had detected corruption were not correct. Fighting corruption does not need public relations. Despite aid cuts, the GDP by 5.1 percent, inflation was brought down to 3.6 percent from 40 percent.

EAT 5:12 Economy grew by 5.5 percent last year.

Industry grew by 6.5 percent, services grew by 4.8 percent; construction 8 percent, agriculture is still slow. It grew by 1.8 per cent.  Manufacturing grew 4.2 percent.

Sectors like telecommunication and construction grew faster because of good economic liberation policies we introduced in 1997. One of the reasons why these sectors grew is that they use less electricity.