Wednesday September 13 2017

Priest caught ‘cleansing’ bedroom with housewife

The suspect after he was arrested.  PHOTO BY

The suspect after he was arrested. PHOTO BY TOBBIAS JOLLY OWINY  


Lira. Police in Lira District are holding a reverend who was arrested while allegedly naked in another man’s bedroom at Ober Entebbe in Lira Town.
He was by Tuesday still being kept at Lira Central Police Station in Lira District.
The reverend at St Paul Church of Uganda at Barapwo village in Lira District, was detained over accusations of trespass and claims that he sexually harassed another man’s wife.
Police detective Kizza Odongo said they arrested the 38-year-old reverend while naked in another man’s bedroom.

But the good reverend insists he was only “cleansing the room” on invitation before police arrested him.
“I just came to pray for her and the family as I always did. But when she demanded we go and pray from the bedroom, I couldn’t decline since the room needed cleansing,” the reverend said in a statement recorded at the police station.

But the police detective claims that he and the woman’s husband both hid under the bed while the man of the cloth and the woman got intimate before they tumbled into the bedroom.
“After a tip-off, I hid with the husband under his marital bed and when he (the reverend) burst in, he told the woman that he had only 30 minutes to have the work done before he held her and started romancing in the sitting room,” Mr Kizza said.

The detective says the woman interrupted the intimate session and whispered that they relocate to the bedroom because a previous romance in the sitting room where the priest declined to sleep with her had left her on “fire” and also distressed.
“He took several minutes by the bedroom door asking her whether her husband was really away, but soon got inside and started undressing as he collapsed onto the bed, and that was when we pounced on him,” the police detective told Daily Monitor yesterday.
The police said the reverend would be charged with criminal trespass and malicious damage.

The trap

Husband speaks out. In his statement, the husband said the priest frequently called his wife on phone and demanded sex until recently when his wife unburdened the secret to him.

“When she confided in me that he was demanding to come on Saturday, I informed the police and agreed with my wife to trap him when he appears,” he said.

In the game plan, the wife was to lie to the reverend that her husband had gone on a business trip for two weeks, yet he was to lie in wait under their marital bed.