Thursday March 6 2014

Professor Mwene Mushanga passes on.

By Monitor Online

Presidential adviser on Foreign affairs professor Mwene Mushanga has passed on.

Professor Mushanga has been well known not only as one of the many presidential advisors but as one who came out publicly to declare that President Museveni does not listen to advice.

Professor Mushanga in an interview with the Daily Monitor last year in April said that he no longer advises President Museveni because he hardly sees him and above all, the head of state does not take his advice.

“I am an intelligent person. I cannot continue wasting my breath, advising the President when I know he will not do what I tell him. He is not advisable,” Prof. Mushanga said. The professor in criminology said on several occasions his advice to the President has been ignored.

“What he is doing is preparing either his brother or son to succeed him. So why should I waste time advising him?” Professor Mushanga added.

The professor has been one person that never minces his words. In September last year, he publically accused the Bishop of West Ankole diocese (katoneene) of corruption.