Thursday August 28 2014

Pupils, teachers share latrine

The four stance latrine facility at Bukalasa

The four stance latrine facility at Bukalasa C/U Primary school shared by the pupils and teachers. The VBCs who visited the facility claim the latrine is almost filled up which put the lives of both teachers and pupils at a health risk. 

By Dan Wandera

Community leaders under the Village Budget Clubs (VBC) in Katikamu Subounty, Luweero District have condemned the act of teachers and pupils in schools in Katikamu Subcounty sharing latrines.
This they said infringes on both teachers’ and pupils’ privacy.
The VBCs currently engaged in the monitoring process for the different community programs in the area claim that the inadequate latrine facilities has created a situation where teachers and pupils (both male and female) from schools in the area share the same latrine facility and thus should be addressed by both the parents and District leaders before it worsens.

"We are very surprised that both female and male pupils plus teachers at Bukalasa C/U Primary School share the same latrine facility some of which have broken doors and almost filled up. Users risk contracting sanitary related diseases ", said Ms Nawume Nakandi the VBC chairperson.
Luweero Distrct Education Officer, Ms Florence Bbosa Ssekitoleko tolds the Daily Monitor that her office was not aware of such a sensitive situation in any of the schools in the area.
"It is true that we do not have enough funds to do everything in schools but some situations call for emergencies. The head teacher of that school has to explain this situation. He is not supposed to keep quiet in a situation which endangers the lives of both the children and the teachers", Ms Ssekitoleko said.

However, Luweero District Council Speaker, Ms Prossy Namansa said her office will take up the matter to ensure that the situation is addressed before the pupils report back for third term.
The District Chief Administrative officer, Mr George Eustace Gakwandi also said he would follow up on the matter to establish whether the affected schools are among the priority areas for support in construction activities. He also admitted that schools with such challenges could be many in the district.