Tuesday July 29 2014

Race to replace Premier Amama kicks off

By Editorial

Mr Dixon Kagurusi Ampumuza, a 29-year-old entrepreneur and media personality is making waves, following his declaration of his intention to replace Premier Amama Mbabazi. Ampumuza, the executive director of Kigezi Community Development Initiative, has declared his interest to contest for the Kinkizi West parliamentary seat come 2016 on the NRM ticket, a seat currently occupied by Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.
He said his interest of joining politics at a seemingly early age is driven by his passion to serve and empower his community and propel Kinkinzi West and Kanungu District to meaningful development.
"I started to lead from Primary Two and have been leading up to Makerere University. I have left a mark where I have led and I am looking forward to achieving more for Kinkizi West and my district if elected as Member of Parliament," he said.
“My father, Mr Bernard Kagurusi who has been a leader and civil servant inspired me to leadership and politics. He served as an LC IV chairman for Kinkizi for 10 years, he is an accomplished leader and agriculturalist," Ampumuza said.
Born in Kanyatorogo in Burema parish, the young man plans to run on the jobs-for-the-youth platform. He is said to be compiling data on literacy, effectiveness of health centres and their access by locals, school dropout rates and agricultural activity in the constituency.
Already, Ampumuza has made a statement of intention with what he has done for education in Kinkizi. He has trained teachers and school management committee leaders on how to improve literacy and promote an early reading culture amongst the children. He has also been supporting youth football tournaments and farmers’ associations.
Marriaed, with two children, Ampumuza studied his primary at Kashenyi Primary School, joined Highway College Makerere for his 'O' level and did his 'A' level at Lubiri Secondary School in Kampala. He later joined Makerere University where he graduated with Bachelors in Library and Information Science. He was the President of East African School of Library and Information Science at Makerere University. He also holds Master of Education Planning and Management.