Tuesday February 9 2016

Residents protest wild animal attacks


RUBIRIZI- Residents of Kicwamba Sub-county in Bunyaruguru Constituency, Rubirizi District, have protested against the district leadership’s failure to fence off Queen Elizabeth National Park boundary.

More than 150 residents from the villages of Katara, Kyambuzi, Mirambi, Kyanshama, and Kyambura staged a demonstration last Friday despite efforts by police to stop them.

The chairman of Kicwamba A village, Mr Charles Tumuramye, told Daily Monitor that government promised to fence off the park boundary in 2006 with a chain link.

He said the money has been channelled through district and Sub-county leadership but no work has been done.

When President Museveni campaigned in the area last month, he was told that the park boundary is fenced, which is not the case. When people protested the report, the President pledged to fence off the park using electric fence.

Kicwamba Sub-county chairperson, Mr Philly Matsiko, told Daily Monitor that every financial year, UWA gives money to the district and sub-county under a revenue sharing arrangement to compensate residents.

“The people chose to use the money for fencing the park boundary with the chain link but because the money was not enough, the district local government advised that only hotspots where animals pass be fenced as we wait for the next release of funds and that’s what we did. It’s unfortunate that the residents have not learnt how their money was used,” said Mr Matsiko.