Friday February 7 2014

Residents to pay for garbage


Mukono- Mukono Municipality mayor Johnson Muyanja Ssenyonga has said residents will start paying for garbage collection.

In his presentation during a council meeting recently, Mr Muyanja said the fees will be directed towards maintenance of vehicles that carry the garbage.

“People working and residing in Mukono will in future be required to pay a fee yet to be computed towards maintenance of machinery and welfare of workers engaged in garbage collection. We want a clean town,” Mr Muyanja said.

He also directed lazy workers to resign rather than keep the town choked with garbage.

Mr Senyonga also said all workers will be required to fill appraisal forms every three months, with a view to weeding out lazy ones.

The town clerk, Mr Innocent Ahimbisibwe, downplayed complaints of political interference in technical staff work and assured workers that they should be comfortable as long as they are operating within the law.

He said that if it is established that politicians alleged to be interfering in technical work are actually doing so, provisions of the relevant laws will take course to address the situation.