Monday June 30 2014

Residents want district officials arrested

By Geoffrey Omara

Apac- The District Integrity Promotion Forum last week turned violent after residents demanded for the arrest of officials implicated in the failed construction of a 10-km access road from Abanya Primary School to Angule Annex Primary School in Apac District.

Residents claimed the money was released but it was squandered by district and sub-county officials.

They claim that Shs8.6m was released by the district under the Road Fund but the road has never been constructed and the whereabouts of the money is not known.

A total of Shs15m has so far been realised by the district to work on access roads in the district but no work has been done so far. Thus residents have called for the arrest of staff at the district engineering department and the sub county officials.

Mr Vincent Otile, a resident of Abwong parish in Abongomola Sub-county, accused some technical staff at the district of misusing the money meant for access roads with due consideration for the people that they serve.

“We were shocked to learn that Shs8.6 was released in the 2011/12 financial year. An additional Shs7.5m was also released in the 2013/14 financial year but no work has been done.

It shocked us to learn that Shs7.6m has in the 2014/15 financial year been allocated for the same function,” he said.

In a letter dated June 16 and signed by Mr Geoffrey Ebong, the chairman of Olio cell, Abongomola Sub-county, he asked the district police commander to arrest the district engineer, district road inspector and sub-county authorities for mismanaging the funds.

Relatedly, in another letter authored by Apac Anti-corruption Coalition, member asked the DPC to take action against officials suspected to have misused the money.