Monday April 21 2014

Ruhaama forum leaders endorse First Lady for MP


Some members of Ruhaama County Forum who have been very critical of their leaders, including the area MP, Ms Janet Museveni, over what they call ‘wanting social services’ have decided to work with them to develop the constituency.

In a surprise turn of events, some of these members have even proposed that Ms Museveni, who is currently serving her second term as Ruhaama constituency MP, stands unopposed as NRM candidate in the 2016.

Eishaazi rya Ruhaama (caucus for Ruhaama) was started in October 2011 by political and opinion leaders from the constituency to demand community-driven service delivery.

Mr Dan Nabimanya, the Ntungamo District Council speaker was elected to chair the caucus while Mr Tom Rwomushana, Ruhaama Sub-county chairman became the coordinator.

Other promoters of the Forum include Western Region Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga and Mr Godber Tumushabe. They convene meetings with residents in different parts of the constituency at least once every fortnight. Now some members claim some of the services would have been delivered had they backed Ms Museveni instead of attacking her.

“Maama (mother), we must forget what happened and look for the new ways to work together. Most of our needs; we have realised can be met if we remain united, I believe this can make us better,” Mr Rwomushanda said during a meeting with Ms Museveni with her constituents last week. “This is why I ask that Maama, no one should disturb you in the coming elections as we promote President Museveni. We need Maama to become our sole NRM candidate for Ruhaama,” Mr Rwomushana said.

Ms Museveni was in the constituency to popularise the Kyankwanzi resolutions that among others, advocates for President Museveni’s sole candidature in 2016.
Ms Museveni never directly responded to the suggestions. She kept smiling as people in turns, responded in support of the idea. Ms Museveni would interject with “thank you.”

Speaking about Kyankwazi resolutions, Ms Museveni said the move is aimed at restoring unity in the party and to avoid cliques in the ‘family’ which could lead to instability. “It’s President Museveni’s desire that we remain united, as a family and avoid cliques which had started developing. Movement needs to remain strong and that is why we made the resolutions,” she said.