Monday January 21 2013

Samuel Baker’s view post to be located today after 150 years

By Stephen Otage

Almost 150 years after visiting Uganda and naming Lake Albert and Murchison Falls National Park, the Royal Geographical Society is today expected to locate the exact spot where Sir Samuel Baker stood to name Lake Albert.

The unveiling of Mr Baker’s view post is expected to add onto Uganda another tourist attraction around Lake Albert region following reports that neither the local community nor Uganda Wildlife Authority have the exact coordinates of the location.

In 1864, Mr Barker named Lake Albert during his expedition of the River Nile, alongside other explorers who were sent by the Royal Geographical Society.

According to Ms Lillian Nsubuga, the UWA publicist, the view post to be located today, will be because UWA and the local community have never known its exact location.

“You know we did not have the coordinates of the spot but Sir Samuel Baker took the coordinates and handed them to the Royal Geographical Society, who have been keeping them and it is important that we are present when these coordinates are being revealed,” she said by telephone.

Retracing footpaths
Last Friday, Mr David Baker, the great-great-grandson of Sir Samuel Baker and his daughter Melannie Baker jetted into the country to join in the second Great African expedition to retrace the footpaths of their great grandfather and other explorers.

During their one week stay, they are expected to visit Murchsion Falls National park, which was named after the president of the then Royal Geographical Society, Lake Albert, named after the then reigning husband of Queen Victoria, and Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School in Gulu named after their grandfather.

“As the Baker family, we would like to see what projects can be supported in the school. We shall be visiting the school to meet the head teacher on Friday and see what we can do. Already we started a computer programme with the school three years ago,” he said upon arrival to Lake Albert on yesterday.