Friday February 7 2014

School inspector held over PLE results


LIRA- Police are holding the Lira municipal inspector of schools, three days after he was arrested for withholding PLE results of schools in the municipality.

Mr David Okello was arrested on Monday, hours after he received the results, took them to his home and switched off his phone.

The town clerk, Mr Christopher Kawesi, said: “The inspector received the results from a colleague in Alebtong who had carried them from Kampala. He, however, chose to go with them to his home and switched off his phone for reasons best known to him.”

Mr Kawesi said, he had to engage the police to recover the results from him.
The results were recovered from Mr Okello’s house after a search by the police on Tuesday. Mr Okello was then handed over to municipal authorities in the afternoon.

It is alleged Mr Okello was demanding for an unspecified amount of money from the municipal council as expenses incurred in bringing the results yet it was a colleague from Alebtong District who brought the results and handed them over to him.

Mr Kawesi said withholding public documents is an offence. He said Mr Okello should have left results in official places, either at the police station or in the town clerk’s office.

North Kioga Police spokesperson Manshur Suwed confirmed the incident. He said the PLE results were recovered from Mr Okello’s house after search by police. Mr Okello was released on bond on Wednesday.