Wednesday April 23 2014

Schools warned on screening candidates

By Geoffrey Omara

Arua- Education authorities in Apac District have warned head teachers against screening candidates set to sit for the national examinations.

The call comes after several schools in the district have started setting pre-registration exams for Primary Seven pupils.

But the Inspector of Schools in Kwania County, Mr Andrew Omunu, said screening pupils is illegal and punishable by law under the Education Act 2008.

“The screening exercise during registration period is like attempted murder and head teachers who do it face arrest,” Mr Omunu said.

The warning
“The bench mark of the minimum score per child is supposed to be 50 per cent and if you have already scored the bench mark, why do you want to hang your pupils by setting a test during PLE registration?” he asked.
He made the remarks at the meeting organised by NGO Link Forum- Apac in Apac Town recently.

The head teacher Apac Primary School, Mr Dickson Okabo, acknowledged the screening of the candidates, saying it makes candidates prepare better for the examinations.

“Even after thorough teaching, you find that some candidates are not set for finals. But these screening tests help us determine those who are ready to handle the pressure in a candidate class, ” he said.